Vision 20/20


My Part in Vision 20/20

For this incredibly audacious goal to come to life, we need EVERYONE to play their part. We are excited about what 2020 will look like. And we are incredibly excited to see what decade 2 has in store for Catalyst Church. 2020 and decade 2 will be determined by the part you are willing to play! There is far more than just giving. Click the link below to make your commitment today!


My Commitment to Vision 20/20

The only way this works is through much prayer! Can we count on you to pray?

Throughout the year we will have special prayer nights. Right now, there is a group that is meeting weekly. Click the link below to see when and where!

Check Out Prayer Nights Available This Week

We can raise all the money we desire, and spend as much time praying as we'd like...
but, if we don't grow closer to Jesus, nothing is going to change!

We grow best in community! It's how we were designed and created - not to go through life alone.

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Your Story is incredibly important! We need to hear your story.

We would really love and appreciate your review on Facebook and Google!
Your review will help as others are trying to find more information about Catalyst.

We would also love to hear from you if you are willing to share...

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Why You Serve
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Give Today

If your next step on the Generosity Ladder is to start giving $20 every week, one of the easiest and fastest ways to contribute is Giving by Text. Yup, that't right! Something you do every day (texting) can play a huge role in the story God is writing through you. It's really simple, especially after the first text gift.