Fearless Men's Gathering

Connecting the First Saturday of Every Month

What does it mean to be a godly man, a loving husband, a good father, and a faithful friend?

Those are some intimidating questions, but ones of infinite importance! Who are we kidding though - men don’t like to ask for directions let alone seek Godly guidance to these lofty questions. That has to change.

God never intended men to walk our paths alone, but that’s exactly what most men try to do. Why? Fear. Fear of judgement; fear of vulnerability; fear of failure.

We need to be FEARLESS! Before we can begin to help one another walk that path we need to get to know each other, laugh with each other, do life with each other... Join us the first Saturday of each month as we look to do just that! It started by Jesus calling a few men to follow Him...He’s still calling today.

“If you reach a man, you reach his whole family. A changed man will influence a marriage and a family. A changed family will influence a neighborhood and a community. A changed community will influence a state and a nation. A changed nation will help change the world.” It all begins with a changed man. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact Josh today! He'd love to hear from you.