On Sunday, March 27th, Catalyst Church is making it rain plastic eggs!

Families throughout Central Connecticut are invited to join us for an Easter Egg Hunt like you've never experienced! We're dropping thousands of plastic Easter eggs from a helicopter. Yes, from a HELICOPTER

This event is FREE for children ages 0-12 HOWEVER, THE TICKETS WILL BE LIMITED (to keep things safe and sane!). 

When the tickets are gone, they are GONE! No exceptions. 

This event is being organized and hosted by Catalyst Church, a church for people who don't always like going to church.

  • Register

    Use the form below to register for one of three services that Catalyst Church will be holding this Easter. Saturday at 6 p.m. or Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

  • attend a service

    Attend whichever service you registered for. The Egg Drop location is a secret and can only be discovered at one of these services. Your child will also receive a wristband to access the egg drop area.

  • have fun!

    Once you've discovered the location and all your children have their wristbands, head to the Egg Drop site. The eggs will drop at 12:30 sharp so don't be late!

Frequently Asked questions

  • How Can My child participate in the egg drop?

    Catalyst Church's Egg Drop is free for registered participants only. As soon as the registration is full, the event will be closed. There will be no on-site registration. As much as we would like to have everyone join us for this awesome event, we have to limit our numbers due to space and volunteers. 

    We know that means that every year there are many of you who can't participate and we're so sorry! As we continue to grow we'll add more spots. We are not willing to compromise safety so, be sure to register for one of our THREE IDENTICAL Easter Weekend Services where we will share the Egg Drop's location

  • What is the date of the egg drop?

    The Egg Drop will be held Sunday, March 27th, 2016 at 12:30pm. If it can not be held this day due to inclement weather, we will update this website with the information you will need.

  • Where will the egg drop be held?

    At this time the location of the Egg Drop is a secret. The location will be revealed at the end of all three Easter weekend services. 

    It's top secret to help ensure everyone is registered before the event and that we have a safe amount of children at the event

  • How does it work

    First a helicopter, yes, a HELICOPTER will drop thousands of eggs onto a field. The field will be pre-divided into 5 separate age specific areas, to ensure children are not being pushed around by older children or adults. 

    Children will be on designated sidelines and will wait there until the helicopter has dropped all the eggs and flown away. At that point Catalyst Leaders will inform the children that the egg hunt is on! We will have plenty of adult leaders to help ensure all children stay in their designated areas during the hunt. Here is how the ages break down: 

    0-2 An area will be specially designated for these young children. Parents can come and go in this area as they please

    3-4 (Adults permitted on field with a child only) 

    5-7 (no parents on field) 8-9 (no parents on field) 

    10-12 (no parents on field)

  • will there really be a helicopter dropping eggs from the sky?

    Yes! A full size helicopter is going to be dropping thousands of eggs onto the field, in a safe area away from all children and adults. After the eggs are dropped, the kids will be allowed to quickly gather them up and enjoy their prizes and candy found in the plastic eggs they collect. 

    We anticipate all children will have plenty of plastic eggs. However, should your child be a little bashful and not find as many eggs as they would like, be sure to talk with a volunteer. We will have a separate hidden stash of eggs just to ensure every child goes home happy.

  • What is an egg drop?

    It is the most exciting version of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt you can find. Thousands of plastic eggs, filled with candy, will be dropped from a helicopter onto a grass field. After the helicopter has safely left the area kids will then be allowed onto the field to collect eggs! 

    For safety reasons, kids are divided up into separate age groups - this is why registration must be completed in advance and in its entirety. Because of the extremely high demand for participation, admission to the Egg Drop is limited - when the tickets are gone, they're gone.

  • what if it's raining or snowing?

    In the event of inclement weather, please check this website for details about rescheduling and/or any changes.

  • will parents/guardians be allowed to gather eggs with their children?

    The 0-2 year olds will have a completely separate section where parents can come and go as they please. 

    Only parents of 3-4 year olds will be allowed to hunt with their children.

    Parents of children ages 5-12 will be able to watch their kids, and encourage them from the boundary lines, just a few feet from the actual egg hunt field. This ensures that over-zealous parents don't grab all the eggs and ruin the event for other children. 

    ** Don't be one of those over-zealous parents who swarms the field with greedy hands to grab a ridiculous number of eggs up so that other kids don't get any. Nobody likes that kind of parent. **

  • what is catalyst church?

    Some of you are probably thinking that you don't want to sit through church just for your kids to grab some eggs. We want you to know this is no ordinary egg hunt, but more importantly, that Catalyst Church exists to love people far from God and move them to life in Jesus Christ. Catalyst Church is real, relevant, and life-changing. 

    It features music you will actually like, teaching about subjects that matter to your everyday life, and a cKids environment your children will beg you to come back to (hundreds of kids attend our cKids environments each week - it is so awesome that your kids will probably be more excited about coming back to church than the Egg Drop!). 

    After starting in a living room just 5 years ago, many now call Catalyst their church today and most of them were not attending church anywhere prior to Catalyst! Plus, you can't celebrate Easter without recognizing Jesus.

  • do my children need to pre register?

    Yes, every child must pre-register in order to participate. There will be NO on-site registration. 

    • Register online for one of the THREE IDENTICAL Easter Weekend Church Services. 
    • Arrive at Catalyst Church for the service you registered for. 
    • At the close of all three services we will issue directions to the location, and a wrist band to all children. Children must have this wristband with them at the Egg Hunt and wristbands are only available the Easter Weekend Church Services. 
    • Drive to the Egg Drop secret location Sunday, March 27th. 
    • The helicopter will begin dropping eggs at 12:30. 
    • No wristband = absolutely no entry due to safety and crowd control purposes. 

    The free tickets are limited so register now in order to reserve your spot.